With its beautiful mountains, abundant attraction sites and year-round adventure, Canada is undoubtedly an ideal skiing destination. Whether you are searching for skiing competitions or looking for a ski destination, Canada, a country with many friendly people, is the perfect place for you.

Canada is always the first destination that comes to mind when organizing a ski trip. For a long time, it has been the best ski destination globally, with incredible, famous sites and renowned resorts such as Lake Revelstoke, Whistler Blackcomb and Lake Louise, among many others.

The big snowy mountains draw attention from the professional skiers who seek a memorable skiing experience. Furthermore, lively towns such as Big White and Banff also lure skiers into Canada. Thus, the country is a hotspot for seasonal skiers travelling from different parts of the world.

There are enough après ski activities to keep skiers going, from the time the lifts shut, until your body can’t move anymore. Moreover, the endless trees, terrain parks and steep lines in the Canadian mountains are excellent for beginners and professionals. The variety of mountains in Canada is, without a doubt, hard to beat.

Skiing Season in Canada

Canadian skiers, or other people travelling for skiing, enjoy the sport from November to April. However, the length of the season is affected by the location you choose to ski in. For instance, the winter season of Baniff lasts for more than seven months. However, when skiing in Hortsman Glacier, the summer season lasts from November to July. Regardless of where you choose to ski, Canada is the right place for your skiing trip.

Favourite Skiing Spots and When to Visit Them

Although skiing in Canada is a great sporting activity, the choice of the resort can impact your adventure. Here are some of the spots you should consider visiting.

Lake Louise

This area was recently awarded the best skiing resort in Canada during the awards of World Ski. Lake Louise is a beautiful place for skiing with incredible scenery and terrain. Beginners, as well as professionals, can enjoy skiing in the five terrain parks of Lake Louise. If you plan to visit this spot, the best time to enjoy the sport is from November to May.


This spot boasts of an extensive skiing course of more than 3100 acres. Furthermore, Revelstoke has a sizeable vertical height of more than 1700 meters, the tallest in North America.

Skiing is not the only thing that will lure you into the town. The awesome community of Revelstoke can make you want to stay for the entire skiing season from November to July.

Cypress Mountains

Living in a city where you can ski and hike in the mountains is an extraordinary experience. The 1400 acres skiing course of Cypress will also lure you into the city. The six parks of Cypress also offer cross country tracks.

There is no better, fun place to be than in the Cypress Mountains. Therefore, this spot should be on top of your skiing sites list. If you are planning a skiing trip, the best time to visit Cypress is between mid-November and mid-April. However, based on external conditions, opening times differ. Check the Cypress Mountains ski resort to know when the activity starts.