Are you planning to become a pro in skiing? You must understand the basics of sports and implement critical features to increase your chances of winning skiing races. You probably want to travel from one region to another, winning medals and prizes. Things may seem glamorous before you get into competitions. However, a positive mind can be replicated in your result if you adopt an excellent winning strategy. Herewith are the secrets of winning skiing competitions.


If you expect to win skiing races, then training is fundamental. Pre-season exercises will help to stay fit. For instance, skiers should indulge in various exercises that are relevant to skiing. Consider doing leg and core practices. Some of the most important training activities for skiers are:

  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking and trail running
  • Cycling
  • Surfing
  • Stand paddleboarding

Inspect the Routes before Racing

Before the competition day, you should inspect the skiing course. Although skiers are given a chance to inspect the course, it’s important to examine the routes to have ample time to note important things about the racing site.

Furthermore, as you inspect the route, you should master and visualize it. Remember where all the gates are and the turning points. Mastering the course will also help you to remember the most dangerous points. When you get to the identified points, you can be careful by reducing skiing speed.

Starting Points are as important as End Points

Many skiers start a race at high speed and slow down as they get to the endpoints. For example, many skiers slow down when they approach the last gates and reach the finishing line calmly. However, one should maintain a high speed throughout the race. Every second in skiing sports count since skiing race is a time trial.

One important tactic of improving your speed is tucking poles underneath the arms. Moreover, always bend low to avoid blocking the wind. The tuck plan helps to increase speed since you will be in smaller positions, which reduces wind and air hitting you.

Wear Skin Suits

A skinsuit makes skiers human Popsicle since it’s very cold. As a result, racers speed to reach the final point, where they get warm jackets. Furthermore, skinsuits are wind resistant. On the other hand, bulky jackets and pants block the wind, which slows down skiers. The race may not take long, and you can withstand the cold just ensure you concentrate on speed.

Race Stance

A skier should put his skis parallel to prevent friction. Also, skiers should avoid spreading legs apart, as it is hard to maintain balance with legs spread apart. Turning is another important stance skiers should master. If you turn when skiing, the majority of the bodyweight must be inside the skis to gain more speed after the turn. Moreover, pole planning is vital in the timing of turns. Curving in ski sport is also important since it helps skiers grip on ice or snow to maintain balance.

The Bottom Line

Although you are competing for a prize, skiing is an entertaining sport. You have to make much fun out of the races. Therefore, enjoy yourself while racing. Displaying good sportsmanship is likewise important. However, to ensure you win the race and outshine your competitors, use the winning tactics outlined in this post.