This will strengthen me

This will strengthen me
…and I’m on the mend! Doc was possibly going to have to put in pins that would be exposed through my half cast during the surgery but she was able to secure all the fractures with two plates and 8 screws in my wrist.

It’s been only 5 days post opp and every day I see myself making huge gains, like putting on mascara with my operated hand. I’m left handed and I had to injury my left arm…

I am obviously not racing right now in Arosa, Switzerland with the rest of my team and the Ski Cross tour. It killed me seeing epic photos of the track up on social media this morning, but at the same time seeing those photos is also giving me huge motivation. It was very difficult the first few days I was home to not dwell on the past and how I was skiing so far this season before my injury; the heavy meds I was on caused for some emotional episodes… I simply need to focus on the task at hand.

I have been here before. I know this road, it is familiar. The road of recovery… I learned so much during my rehab of my back/neck that within a few days of this current injury, it was almost eery how familiar it felt. Most might see that as a negative, but I see it as a positive. Athletes injure themselves all the time. It is how athletes go through their rehab, how they grow and learn and come out of their recovery that I think shows what they are made of. They either crumble, or strengthen.

I am seeing this set back as a chance to strengthen once again. I know that whether I race or not at the end of this season, the best thing I can do is wake up every day with a new goal for the day, and have the mentality that I am going to race before this season is over. Having a goal will drive me to stay positive every single day.

Today’s goal: crush it at physio, and rest my arm on the couch while watching the women’s World Champ Super G from Vail, Colorado!


My first name is Alice. I'm called by my middle name, Georgia. I grew up getting beat up by my 3 older brothers Christian, Boyd and Julian. They rock. I love pretty much every sport there is, except maybe rhythmic gymnastics. I wonder who invented that one? Cooking is a fun pastime on a rainy day. The feeling of being on the brink of disaster, going as fast as possible, is indescribable. And I'm not talking about driving a car. It feels awesome being completely and utterly exhausted after giving 110% during a workout. I tell my mother everything (almost)... Examining snowflakes fall onto my jacket while on the chair lift could keep me bewildered for hours(haha, ok maybe not HOURS). I'm pretty sure I make myself laugh too often. Listening to music with my headphones keeps me sane. Making someone smile is contagious. Finishing a knitting project, such as a wicked awesome headband, is totally satisfying. I love being Canadian and having people laugh after I say the words "eh" and "toque". And it happens often. Having friends around the globe is a really cool thing. Experiencing different cultures is eye opening. Traveling all over the world is the best thing, but there is nothing like flying into Vancouver, eating a home cooked meal with my family, and falling asleep in my own bed.