World Cup Finals- La Plagne, France

After my break at home I flew back over the pond to join my team. We had a double header in Åre, Sweden. I had my best result all year finishing in 3rd in the second race! We had two full back to back days of training and qualifying in the am, a small break, and Finals in the afternoon with snow and wind blizzards throughout both days. Everyone on tour, both athletes and staff, were physically and mentally exhausted from the week up north.

I absolutely love Scandinavian culture. The people are so welcoming, genuine and sincere. I get such a warm friendly vibe from locals every time I am in that part of the world.

The top of the course in Åre


Danie and I free skiing



We flew to France after Sweden for some days of recouping and recharging before World Cup Finals, here in La Plagne. We were welcomed in Geneva with plus 20 degree sun shining weather. We then drove to France and stayed in a small town close to Annecy called Aix Les Baines. The following day I had such a fabulous full day off. It is amazing how quickly an athlete’s body can recover with the proper rest, even if it’s a short period of down time. I got lost weaving my way through the old French town in hopes of running to the massive lake. I absolutely love going for runs in new cities. After my adventure to the lake and back, some of us spent the afternoon playing ping pong in the courtyard of our hotel. Coach willie schooled me (and everyone else who stepped up for a game!).

I love running into churches and buildings are that hundreds and hundreds of years older than Canada itself







I had one of the best mornings all season today exploring the mountain with some of the crew! La Plagne is the biggest resort in Europe. Mornings like this naturally force me take a break and make me think about the life I am living. They give me perspective and make me physically see how lucky I am.

Dave is ‘Canada Ski Cross’ ready!


Mar is ready for “free skiing”…………..



So much snow!








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