Olympics 2.1

Hey guys!

A short update for all ya’ll!

It was exciting as heck getting off the plane a few days ago and finally landing in Sochi, something that seemed like it was never getting closer, always in the near distance. After a few hours of bags, accreditation, and many more logistics, we were up at the mountain village, in the stompin’ grounds for the snow and sliding sports!




We were exhausted but the excitement was pulsing through our bodies and we couldn’t just let our goody bags sit there once we got into our rooms!

Unfortunately my monkey arms didn’t quite work with most of (all) the tops I received. But the hat is 19th century 12yr old boy AWESOME!

We haven’t even explored the mountain village “downtown core” (simmerling family joke) yet, but we did take some photos of the mini rings up here… Obviously!

The dining hall is very cool. There are lots of people mingling throughout at all times, it’s a little much for me though. I feel as if I’m in a cafeteria with bright lights and too much noise.

Mar and Bobsledder Ben and I went to check out the Canadian women dominate Slopestyle yesterday. It was fun being at the bottom of the course cheering on our fellow teammates

Mar’s hcore face needs some work though. I’ll get on it.

Some workouts, treatments and hanging out with other athletes watching events and competitions in our athlete lounge so far has been the best experience. We are surrounded by people who are inspired, and truly excited to be here. It is blowing my mind, and a ridiculously good. My competition is still some time to come but I am focused, and excited go get on our track for training runs! time



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