Festive Training!

This training block has been amazing; epically beautiful weather, lots of starts and LOTS of runs. Deposits in the bank. We are normally here training during Canadian Thanksgiving and I am truly saddened when I am away from home for the holiday. It is my favourite time of year. This year our camp was later in the month, so I was home with my family for the holiday! Stuffing… Need I say more?

Having spent the holiday with my family, I had thanks on my mind flying over to Europe this fall. This last week has opened my eyes even more so as to how lucky and thankful I am to be doing what I do. We have just over a month before the World Cup Ski Cross season begins. I am extremely stoked, and not just because the Olympics are 98 days away I’m not one to keep count, but social media has made it hard not to. I am stoked more so because I am loving my sport more and my life ever single day I live it.

Most athletes at the highest level in their sport don’t strive for 3rd, 4th or 5th place finishes. They set goals for 1st. They want one thing. They want to win. I am no different. I am striving for gold this year. Over the summer, and more so lately, I have started to indulge myself in the present moment, in the journey to the gold medal. Most athletes don’t achieve that goal. That’s life. That is sport. Especially during a year like this, an Olympic year, athletes get so focused on one thing only. They are focused only on the end result. How pathetic is it if the focus is solely on that one day, that one moment, regardless of the outcome? Why not enjoy and live each day that you inevitably will go through to get there? I am doing that, and it is an amazing feeling. Regardless of the outcome, I am seriously loving life.


A Western Austrian waterfall




8hrs in the Van…





And it night night for Kels….. at 10am




What the heck!




Menacing mountains




A gusty day. It feels like it gets 10 degrees warmer when that beauty comes out and shines itself on us




Cracked glacial ice towering over the start of the course




I do not miss those gates. One bit




Lunch time in the 20’s!




Gettin our snatch on










And there’s aint nothin’ to it!




This is my life




Holla Holla USA SKI CROSS!




t bar selfies (with Langley McNeal) NEVER get old!




It’s Halloween!

Gangster zombie Serwa




Gangster Fast And Female zombie!




and then SCREAM showed up!







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