World Champs 2013

Well I successfully partook in my first ever World Champs race yesterday here in Voss, Norway!

We had a lot more time on the course the days leading up to Finals compared to every other race we’ve had this year which was a pleasant surprise. The wether was spectacular all week, another first for this season. I actually stopped taking my vitamin D pills for a few days.

I qualified in 14th, a position I was not happy with in the slightest. I had a poor start which didn’t help and did not absorb the jumps on the track as well as I was in training. Longer airtime and opening up of my upper body slowed me down.

Thirty two girls qualified here though so I had the green bib in my first round, the second lane choice. At the Olympics and World Champs, 32 girls move on to Finals compared to 16 in most of the World Cups on the circuit.

I pulled a fast start in my first round and skied well following Katrin from Switzerland down the whole track. I was pumped I had moved on to the Quarter Finals of the World Champs!

The track in Voss was fast with no long straight sections so passing zones were next to non existent unless carnage was taking place. Carnage, meaning either skiers made mistakes and crashed or poorly judged passes were made resulting in crashes. A few successful ones were seen.

The start feature itself was uneven so skiers in the far right lanes sure had their work cut out for them to get out front by the first turn. This did not happen when the skiers in the left lanes had fast starts themselves.

I unfortunately had the last lane choice in my second heat. I got pinched off at the first turn ending up in 4th from the start. I skied well trailing close behind the three girls ahead of me even with the Norwegian exfoliant treatment I got with ice chunks obliterating my face from their skis. No passes were made though 🙁

Kels took a spill in training and unfortunately didnt get the chance to race. Mar quali’d fast, had fast starts and skied her little but off into 2nd!

Some courses have blatant differences from lane to lane out of the start. You don’t want to get stuck in a lane that makes your job that much harder to come in 1st or 2nd. Quali fast and you avoid this. Lessons learned.

We are flying to Sweden tomorrow for a double header event in Are!





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