I won’t say much here as I am currently a one hand typing bandit.

Our last stop in Germany I qualified my best quali so far this year in 3rd! The weather was very west coast. I felt right at at home; foggy and soft snow.

I moved on in the first round. I was winning the run by a long shot till the bottom where I almost bailed hard off a jump but used my (oh so fitting) German genes (we were in Germany…) aka my super strong quads to come up with a wicked recovery. I was cruisin in the powder trying to get back into the track as one girl passed me. I some how got my speed back and held on to second position to advance to the semi’s. I skied my best heats racing of the season in the semi’s, winning the run comfortably to advance to the finals.

In the start area right before the finals I wasn’t breathing properly to be able to control my heart rate, which was getting higher and higher with adrenalin sprinting through me. I was also highly depleted in glucose levels. These factors contributed to me not connecting my mind to my body and I therefor skied like a banchie with it’s head cut off in the heat; I was not smart, safe or fast. I fell off the last jump trying to draft the two girls in front of me bailing through the finish in a crumpled mess, coming in 4th.

This result was bitter sweet. I handed a medal away, yet earned my second best result of the year.

I learn every day in this sport. Last Sunday was no exception. I am taking what I learned from the last race, pumped that I know I am skiing well, and moving on with a broken hand to Sochi. I and ready for the next 6 weeks on the road in Europe. We have a LOT of racing ahead of us.

Here is my semi’s heat from the Race in Germany last week. I am in the second heat in the video, in the far right lane (red bib) looking up at the start, skiers far left.

Semi’s- Grasgehren, Germany World Cup

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