Val Thorens, France

We arrived to a VERY snowy and picturesque Val Thorens, France two days ago.

I am sitting this one out to rehab my back for the last World Cup in San Candido, Italy before we fly home for the holidays.

I am obviously disappointed I am not racing here, but staying very positive because my back is healing, and I have one more race to focus on!

There is so much snow here the training day yesterday was cancelled. I’d be very impressed if the race crew get the training session and qualifying done today for both the men and women! Over 100 athletes including forrunners on a very soft course does a lot of damage…

I have been spending my time during the last two days on the physio table, the massage table whining like a little baby getting bruised by Kathy (releasing my muscles that are in spasm! It’s painful, okay…), the bike and elyptical, the yoga mat, doing difficult  core exercises with a Core X with our physio Terese (she, and Kathy, is the number one reason to quick healing), and stretching in the hot tub. I saw way too many overweight men in speedos yesterday. It was a shock and reminder to me that I was in a European spa… Surprisingly, the days have gone by very quickly! I am also trying to speak as much french as I can as well. It is very fun! I have noticed that the locals here really appreciate my butchered french than no french at all.

We hop in our vans in two mornings for another 7hr drive to Italy, regardless if this race gets cancelled or not.

Some major pow shots of Val Thorens

Our gorgous view from our window!


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