Telluride, CO

After Nakiska we flew to Telluride. We, as in the entire World Cup tour of Ski Cross athletes. This, unfortunately, resulted in 300 ski and duffle bags not arriving in Colorado.

The Canadian squad had no skis when it was time to get on the track for our training day. Other teams, Europeans, that had some of their ski bags generously leant skis to us in order to get on the track! I found this really amazing. So many people came up to us the day and night before offering skis to us! I didn’t even have most of my ski gear either so I looked like a Norwegian for the day! It was quite fun.

There is a Snowboard Cross event here as well so things were slightly complicated for the race commitee and other course officials the first few days… Because it was a joint race, the course was very different than a typical Ski Cross. There was a LOT of air time, and few turns in the course.

I had injured my lower back a week before the Nakiska World Cup that I had healed enough in time for Nakiska, but after a solid and VERY fun day of training here at Telluride, my back seized up again. I had skied well in training and was so pumped for the quali’s the next day, but I woke up not being able to move. I was choked. I managed to do one training run and one qualifying run, but it was pretty unfortunate looking… I couldn’t get up the wootang which was the start feature of the course because of my back so that killed all my speed for the rest of the way down the course. I qualified in 18th position.

So today, I was cheering for Kels, Mar, Brady, Dunc, Ian and Leduc! Kels ended up 4th, Mar was 8th, Dunc was 9th, and Brady was SECOND! It was a day of rest and rehab and cheering loudly in the sunshine!

My back has already got A LOT better. We are traveling a long way for the next two days to France! Two more stops to get business DONE!

Here are a few pics from our training day, when I was PUMPED and feeling GOOD!

SO SO SO happy to be reunited w my favourite scot! Pam!


Upper mnt. village of Telluride


Hey cool kids, take note


Finish Jump


Finish Jump into the town


So many rollers


Step up into a bank turn


Start Wootang feature


A pip broke, causing a Mud slide…. Not the most convenient


Oh Instagram…



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