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It’s finally come… It’s RACING TIME!

Last weekend we had our first World Cup race on Canadian soil at Nakiska, Alberta.

The course had a pretty technical start feature with a step down into a woo tang. I was not the fastest over the start throughout training so I knew I had to ski well the rest of the way down the course on the qualifying day in order to move on to the race day.

I managed to sneak into quali’s along with my teammate Kelsey who quali’d in 2nd! We were the only girls to make it in and were also in the same heat! It was unlucky in some way that we were in the same heat. At the same time I really liked having Kels in my heat. We were chatting in inspecting the course together how it is comforting having a teammate in your heat knowing there is at least one less racer you know is not out to get you! That was one aspect (of many) in Ski Cross I experienced for the first time over the weekend. I am learning every day.

We unfortunately didn’t move on in our heat (Kels was on her way to advancing and then had terrible luck at the end of the course). Both of us are returning this season from serious injuries so our confidence is building as the season progresses even though our experience levels are at very different stages of our careers.

Loui and Ian, new members of the team, along with one of the vets Brady also quali’d for the Men. Brady finished 6th.

The volunteers who worked their buns off at Nakiska and the staff of Alpine Canada put on an amazing weekend.

I was lucky to have most of my family present for the race! I really enjoyed having them there. Seeing them all at the bottom of the course after my heat, congratulating me even though I didn’t move… It was amazing visibly seeing the support I have over the weekend from my family and one of my sponsors who could make it out, Manni of Sunview Custom Cabinetry.

Below is the link to my Fan Page to see photo’s from the weekend! If you like the page, “LIKE” it!!!!!

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We flew the next day to Telluride Colorado. We are staying in a castle. This is the nicest hotel ever. That’s all I need to say. We have a day off today, followed by three days starting with training, qualifying and then racing!





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