Short Stop Home

I am home for six days and I want to get on the road again! What’s that called? Reverse cabin fever? I swear it’s more stressful being home sometimes with all the errands I have to do all day every day and trying to fit in workouts. My race season is JUST around the corner. Who’s as stoked as I am!?

I am pleased to announce (rather SUPER DUPER PUMPED!) that I will be representing Anthem Properties based in Vancouver for a second season. I will be also joining forces with a company based in Calgary, Sunview Custom Cabinetry. (see “SUPPORT” page)

The support from the corporate world is how athletes across this country are able to keep their jobs and focus on their sport 12 months of the year and strive for GOLD MEDALS!

Check my “DATES” page for my racing schedule, tv broadcast times and more.

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