Taking Advantage

We finished off a solid camp in Saas Fee, packed and loaded what seemed like thousands of skis, and headed to Zurich for our flights the following day. I am making a detour on my way home to Vancouver that I am quite excited about; I am going to Boston to visit a close friend. I have never been to Boston!

Because my flight was the last to depart out of my team, I had the day to myself so I took advantage of where I am in the world! I hopped on the train, asking a few locals for some help to get on the right train, and strolled the streets of the gorgeous bustling city of Zurich. I also did a little damage on my credit card I am ecstatic about.

I didn’t get too far today but from what I saw the layout of the city and architecture is magnificent. I really enjoyed myself. I had a smile on my face the whole morning.





I found a dog park looking down on the canal! Stunning.



He definitely is a big deal.



Found a trendy little coffee shop, obviously. I had one of the best cappuccinos I have ever had looking out at the canal.


The barista was fun looking at, as well.



My trainer said a comment to me I laughed about after my last day skiing at Saas Fee. He said, “I think you doubled your Ski Cross experience at this camp”. I am so excited about this season. My next focus is our next camp in Sun Peaks, BC midway through November! Stay tuned, Everybody 🙂


My first name is Alice. I'm called by my middle name, Georgia. I grew up getting beat up by my 3 older brothers Christian, Boyd and Julian. They rock. I love pretty much every sport there is, except maybe rhythmic gymnastics. I wonder who invented that one? Cooking is a fun pastime on a rainy day. The feeling of being on the brink of disaster, going as fast as possible, is indescribable. And I'm not talking about driving a car. It feels awesome being completely and utterly exhausted after giving 110% during a workout. I tell my mother everything (almost)... Examining snowflakes fall onto my jacket while on the chair lift could keep me bewildered for hours(haha, ok maybe not HOURS). I'm pretty sure I make myself laugh too often. Listening to music with my headphones keeps me sane. Making someone smile is contagious. Finishing a knitting project, such as a wicked awesome headband, is totally satisfying. I love being Canadian and having people laugh after I say the words "eh" and "toque". And it happens often. Having friends around the globe is a really cool thing. Experiencing different cultures is eye opening. Traveling all over the world is the best thing, but there is nothing like flying into Vancouver, eating a home cooked meal with my family, and falling asleep in my own bed.

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