Sunny Last Two Days!

We’ve had an awesome camp here at Mnt. Bachelor and got a lot of work done on the hill. We had a Ski Cross course, a 30 pack of rollers to work on on the flats, we did 3 pack training with us girls, lead follow training, SX start gate training and GS gates.

And also chilled by the pool in the afternoons after training before our afternoon workouts…

Deans, the model


I was creepin on Mar capturing this beauty


Mar happy to be done camp. Our legs had had enough.


Rob headin up for one last run


Tear down time


Deans doing god knows what during tear down


Workin away


After tear down, Lup, Mar and I tried to do a little video of good luck to send off the summer Canadian Olympians heading to London. We failed. We attempted later after some food in our bellies and were partially successful… It was tough to get words out whenever we heard “recording” and  all we could do was giggle.


Mar, Felix and I


Bye Mnt. Bachelor!


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