For Nik

As I imagine most of you know by now, my teammate Nik Zoricic passed away last Saturday racing in a World Cup event in Grindelwald, Switzerland. This tragedy, to say the absolute least, was the second young life taken away recently in the world of Canadian Skiing. Nik’s death was a mere two months after Freestyle’s pioneer and icon Sarah Burke passed away.

I didn’t know Nik very well because I unfortunately have been injured for most of this World Cup season, my first season in Ski Cross. But I did know Nik; the world of Ski Racing around the entire globe is a very intimate and unique group of individuals. We’re in our own little world I often think. Everyone knows everyone. Whether you are from Terrace, BC or a tiny village in Northern Italy, if you race at an elite level you simply know everyone.

Nik grew up racing alpine. He made the National Team earning a spot to represent his country on the World Cup circuit. Throughout my entire journey to the National Team, to me Nik was one of the older athletes I looked up to. He was a role model in the sport for so many young skiers. His steadfast perseverance and determination are a few qualities among many others that I will always remember about him. When I hear anyone ask a waiter what his/her recommendation is to order from a menu I will forever chuckle and think of Z…

I have been getting to know all my new teammates on the SX Team this season on a deeper level. Traveling as a team, we are with each other every waking hour! It has not been a year with the team and I have already come to feel that this unique group of inspiring individuals are now family to me. I have a family when I’m on the road.

Nik will be missed for every single day to come. I am not ready to start missing more of my family…

Join me in sending love to friends of Nik, the families of Collingwood, the ski community where Nik grew up racing and where his father, Bebe, has coached for decades, and most of all the entire Zoricic family.



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