Head bopping has been put on PAUSE

Home time. With a constant throbbing pain at the base of my neck.

It’s interesting. Everyone I’ve spoken to has expressed their surprise with how up beat and chipper I sound. I’ve been asked why I’m in this mood… considering my current state. My answer has not changed. Does it suck? No doubt. Am I pissed I can’t throw on a t shirt and walk out the door? Mooost definitely. But contrary to my last injury in Dec. to my knee, I KNOW the rehab time for this. I’m not stuck in “limbo” mode as I called it, where for a few weeks I didn’t know how long I was going to be off snow and on the bike, physio table, couch and in the darn gym instead of racing.

I am getting things done in the city I normally wouldn’t have the time to do. I am not going to get depressed. I deal with what I got. And I roll with it. It’s that simple.

I was chatting with my teammate Kels the other day who is out for the season with a torn knee. Kels was icing her knee and I was sitting on the couch all braced up. We looked like we could take on the world……… K, maybe not. Anyway, we were talking about our parents. I honestly can’t imagine what Carol goes through hearing that her daughter is in this hospital in Emerg in Germany, or that Hospital getting CT Scans in Italy! I think Carol at times goes through greater anguish and exhaustion mentally than I do! On second thought… I know she does. I struggle when I come home injured, not with dealing with expressing my gratitude towards my parents for their endless support, that part is easy. Becoming easily frustrated, I struggle with explaining to them again and again that this is truly what I want to pursue.

This sport is crazy. Flying 60 metres in the air with 3 other girls, it’s really not normal. But it is my passion. As athletes, we accept that injuries are apart of what we do. I am very, very lucky to be typing this all out, I do realize this. But to think about what could have happened? It is simply not productive!

The greatest athletes, one could argue, are defined by how they overcome their injuries and push to persevere. It is about what choices they make both mentally and physically when they are in dark times that creates their identity for the future.

I am blaming this blog entirely…………………. on the Vicodin.

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