Back at it!

This is officially the first blog of my Ski Cross career! My apologies for no prior entries… In multiple months, ahem. The title isn’t lying though, I’m back at it and will be blogging on the reg.

I am currently in Saas Fee, Switzerland with the SX national team! Today was my second day on a real SX course, and I don’t think I could be having any more fun doing this than I am right now. I love it. Every run I came down the course I had a huge smile on my face the past two days and my entire body was literally buzzing with excitement and adrenalin!

I feel like I have progressed even in the last two days of this camp in a pretty big way. I am comfortable on the course hitting all the jumps (that are not AT ALL similar to downhill jumps), staying clean and smooth (most of the time) in the big long bank turns and getting my feet working in the rollers! I have started to stay close behind and follow other athletes on the team (guys and girls) to help judge my speed going off the jumps but more to just get used to being on a track with other skiers!

Check out my fan page for photos taken tus far of my camp!

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