Back at It!

Well it’s about time I checked back in eh?

After a relaxing month or so off, chilling, being active outside, seeing friends, I am back at it! Back at it in the rain! I am in Mount Hood Oregon with two BC girls who were on the development team last year with me, and the BC Men’s Ski Team. I have been dropped from the National Team for the summer and will reconvene with them in the fall. Due to the post Olympic financial downfall that occurs with every country after the Games, not meeting criteria for the full World Cup team, and also having (besides Britt who is at a different point in her career than me) no speed girls to train with this summer, I will be skiing with the BC Team men. I have taken a pretty positive approach to this summer I think, and am very excited.

Firstly, I will actually get a lot of time on snow this summer, compared to zero days last summer. I will be working with my new coach Brandon Dyksterhouse. He is a young, enthusiastic, positive, and a wicked skier himself! I will be skiing with guys who are very good skiers. This is good for me because guys typically are better technically at skiing then girls, so it will be a good visual to have with me all summer. And lastly, I am switching ski companies to Head!

We’ve had two days on snow so far here at Mount Hood. The weather is not ideal, but for what we are doing, it’s quite alright. At this time of the year we get back to the basics of skiing and work on the fundamentals. We are doing a lot of runs, (as many as we can with the rain… But I’m from Vancouver, it’s second nature to me! 🙂 ) and drills, on our SL skis. This is exactly what I need, improve my technical ability in this sport, in order for me to achieve my goals at the highest level of skiing, which is the World Cup.

Day 3 tomorrow! Let’s hope that rain decides to stop!

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