55% is Better than Nothin’!

So we got 3 and a half days on snow… the half day was more of a psychological training day then anything I think. I wrote in my last post about my new enthusiastic coach who I like… Well I’m not so sure anymore. Haha We DID have to hike 5 runs of a 30 gate SL course in the torrential downpour one day though. Yes, you guessed it, in our spandex! It was actually not as bad as it sounds considering we were all soaked to the skin through our downhill suits! It brought me back to my K days as a youngster at Grouse; skiing (and loving it!) in every weather condition possible, besides actual snow of course….

But this was the one sunny day!!!

You would have thought we had been training in the heart of Vancouver with all the downpour we experienced in Hood… We did get one sunny day though! And took full advantage of it! Now, at this time of the season, all we are looking for is miles miles miles on our skis! Obviously doing this while perfecting quality and positive muscle movements so our brains instill these movements. We actually got a few runs in on our SG skis which is not a typical thing to see at Hood, but it sure felt good to get on those long boards after a few days of being on toothpicks! (does Slalom need to even exist?)

I am now back in Van, ready to hit the gym hard for the next few weeks! I will be coaching dryland for the youngsters of my home club, Grouse Mnt, this month also which I’m pumped about. Who doesn’t like playing soccer with kids (its amazing how your self esteem just skyrockets after a game with them…) and doing tuck jumps?! I will also be taking a university English course via online. Oh yes, right, and looking for sponsors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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