Jets are running out of fuel!

Well, we’re all back at (unfortunately) home away from home, Nakiska, for the Nationals.

We have a few more days of racing until this season is over, and I can say honestly my body is thankful. It is a struggle mentally and physically attempting to give it my all for each race. I have not performed to my potential ability, which is not helping my finish strong. BUT! There is still two more days of racing for me, and I WILL give it my all, whatever that may be, and hopefully be happy with myself at the end of both races. That’s all I can do. Having my father and brother here is super nice and definitely helping, and the sunny days are aiding to good attitudes as well.

I have no idea of my spring/summer schedule as the National team each year goes through a very in depth process of analyzing the previous year before going ahead and starting the next year. And I don’t think this year’s analysis will be any different than last year with having the Olympics in our own country. The ACA staff will be definitely be putting their thinking caps on together, for more than a few days.

But that is out of my control, and I am only going to focus on the next few days and finish the season smiling (let’s be honest, I’m always smiling)!

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