DH World Cup spot for 2010/11!!!

Checking in from the Green Drake Motel!

Chilling in the sunshine!

I’m not counting or anything… But we have 3 days left here!

I have skied better and faster each day we have been on the downhill track here in Aspen and today I was a mere 2 one hundredths off of the podium! I love them to bits, but at least one of those american chicks seem to nick ahead of me every race. I don’t like it. I’m debating pulling a Tanya Harding on some of them? Haha I’m kidding, it’s up to me to decide to ski fast from the top to the bottom of a race course. Once I do that, I will be on top of that podium, and pleased! No better day then tomorrow though! It is the American Nationals DH race, same track as the  one we have been on the past few days. But the difference?  There’s loads of dolla bill$ involved! And I’m not talking about 50 bucks… The winner gets 3,000$ american dollars! The NorAm DH title was announced today after the race. I came 2nd overall this year! This means that I clinched a World Cup spot for myself for next year in Downhill!

Smart fast skiing, leaving everything on the hill, is my game plan for tomorrow!

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  1. Robbie
    March 1, 2010 at 9:05 am

    Congrats georgia!

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