We actually made it!

me and most of the family the first day in the village!

After hearing that our training run was already cancelled for the next day we finally got permission in the afternoon to head down to Vancouver for the Opening Ceremonies! Em, Shona and I frantically gathered our outfits and got ready super quickly to make it in time for the last bus leaving from the Athlete’s village down to Vancouver with a coach bus full of other athletes. We were accompanied by multiple police cars for the drive down, as well as a helicopter and a plane! I have to say, it felt a little ridiculous having all that security just for us…

When we finally arrived at BC Place, the folks in charge were frantic themselves because we were apparently “late” for the march into the stadium. Ironically, we thought we had timed it perfectly seeing other canadian athlete’s sitting and leaning against the wall, having been there apparently for hours… When we finally started to march towards the stadium, the buzz and excitement filled the area. The actual performers for the show were along the sides of the corridor as we marched, not yet in the stadium, which was really cool having them cheer their hearts out giving us a taste of what was yet to come. As we marched in to the stadium to the 60,000 people all cheering for us, the canadians, I had never felt so alive. Mostly everyone in that stadium had no idea who I am, but regardless, they screamed as loud as they could. Walking around the arena, looking up into the crowd, the emotion I felt was one I will never forget.

walking in to BC Place! indescribable emotion...
torch bearers entering the stadium. so cool.

Sitting in our seats, watching the breathtaking show performed by so many gifted singers, dancers, athletes, and many more I had never in my entire life felt so happy, and proud to be a Canadian.

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  1. Josie
    February 17, 2010 at 7:55 am

    GEORGIAAA this actually makes me so happy!!!!! Good luck today, I’ll be cheering you on from Montreal!!! Xo

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