Today was the not mooooost productive day. Whistler was, well… Typical Whistler. With fog rolling in and out, mostly in, the morning consisted of waiting in our “Canadian Athlete’s only” lodge playing cards, while the race was on hold. We trained a few runs of Slalom after the Women’s training run was cancelled which at least ended the morning on a productive note!

Chilled in the afternoon, got some physio on my knee, and worked out before meeting then dinner. But the best part of the evening was playing Cranium with Shona, Britt and Em and trying to move Em’s body ¬†without her knowing I was trying to portray “surfing a wave” to Britt. With everyone in hysterics Britt somehow figured it out with how I was moving Emily’s body around!

Tomorrow we have a late start so no 5 am wake up, yay! Hopefully we get a run off!!

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