Well the website is up! And what amazing timing! Ok… I just have to say…. WHO’S EXCITEDDDDDD????????  (about the Olympics I’m talking about)

Aaaannnd, I’m done. On to the actual update…

So we (the Olympic team) we were just at Nakiska training for the past three days before heading to the craziness at Vancouver and onward to Whistler. Nakiska is a mountain I would NOT suggest go and ski on your vacation out West, but it is an awesome mountain for us racers who love ice and steep runs. It is our western training facility so they accommodate us really well. We trained 3 days of tough gs and super g training. It felt good being back on my skis, skiing with confidence after a not so friendly crash a week previous at St. Moritz. We will be living in our own condos (not the Athlete’s Village) up in Whistler to be on our own, and focus on our game. And besides, who can complain about having a private chef cook for you? Don’t think so…

So that’s the latest, keep checking in because a LOT of craziness is going to happening in the next few days I’m sure!

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