A tough transition

And just like that, I am back with my winter team training in the Swiss and Italian Alps. After 20 months of not being on my skis, I have five weeks to figure it out because in less than two months, it’s go time, and the ski cross season begins.  It seems like the Rio Olympics were a lifetime ago,… Read more →

A league of (my) own: awesome CBC article

Check out this amazing article by the CBC about my transition from Skiing to Cycling.   “I’m not saying I didn’t work hard in the gym as a ski racer. But cycling really has taken it to a new level.”   Read the article by Karin Larsen (Photo:Callum Ng)   Read more →

Hanging’ with CBC

CBC came and hung out at the track in Vancouver over the holidays before I met back up with the Track Cycling Endurance National Team. Check out our interview: CBC sports We’re in Hong Kong right now for the next World Cup! Racing starts in 4 days! Read more →

A New Adventure

My arms are skinny (…for a skier!) but my legs are stronger than ever. I’ve ridden my bike more in the last 8 months than I ever thought I would, and I’m loving it! I grew up playing as many sports as I possibly could. On a very average weekend as a kid I would start my day by piling… Read more →