A league of (my) own: awesome CBC article

Check out this amazing article by the CBC about my transition from Skiing to Cycling.   “I’m not saying I didn’t work hard in the gym as a ski racer. But cycling really has taken it to a new level.”   Read the article¬†by Karin Larsen (Photo:Callum Ng)   Read more →


Hanging’ with CBC

CBC came and hung out at the track in Vancouver over the holidays before I met back up with the Track Cycling Endurance National Team. Check out our interview: CBC sports We’re in Hong Kong right now for the next World Cup! Racing starts in 4 days! Read more →

A New Adventure

My arms are skinny (…for a skier!) but my legs are stronger than ever. I’ve ridden my bike more in the last 8 months than I ever thought I would, and I’m loving it! I grew up playing as many sports as I possibly could. On a very average weekend as a kid I would start my day by piling… Read more →


This will strengthen me

This will strengthen me …and I’m on the mend! Doc was possibly going to have to put in pins that would be exposed through my half cast during the surgery but she was able to secure all the fractures with two plates and 8 screws in my wrist. It’s been only 5 days post opp and every day I see… Read more →