The effects of COVID-19 are felt everywhere in the world. All sectors have been heavily affected not only in Canada but by other countries as well. Sports and other public functions have been cancelled as a precautious measure of curbing the spread of coronavirus. Skiing in Canada hasn’t been spared either; competitions have been postponed or cancelled.

Although some sports stakeholders have been insisting that sports should resume, the Canadian government has maintained that it will wait for the situation to stabilize. However, the case will change soon with various sporting events continuing in many countries, whereas observing the set measures to stop spreading of COVID-19.

Despite people’s remaining positive that skiing will resume, some measures have to be followed to ensure that coronavirus will not rapidly spread. Some of the measures skiing competitions and events can adhere to are highlighted below.

Social Distancing

Similar to situations around the world, Canada has reported many cases of people testing positive of COVID-19. Therefore, measures to ensure the corona situation doesn’t worsen have been put in place. One of the most important measures is social distancing, where people are required to stay two meters apart.

Therefore, in the case of skiing competitions are to resume, fans and players have to find ways of managing to observe the distance. This may not be new as sporting events have managed to do so by working behind closed doors. Fans are not allowed to stadiums or playing sites.


Before players are allowed to participate in skiing competitions, they should undergo coronavirus tests. Testing the players and their coaching staff several times within a span of fourteen days will help to ensure that those participating are not infected. As a result, it’s easy to curb the spread of COVID-19 by skiers.

No Handshakes and Hugs

It’s a norm for skiers to high-five before they begin racing while hugging their coaches and supporters. However, with the threat of coronavirus, contact should be avoided. Therefore, by avoiding hugs and handshakes, the issue of contact will not be a point of concern. Even after winning or losing and skiers are emotional, they should not get close to other people.

Proper Sanitization

For skiers to participate in the competitions, proper sanitization and disinfection must be done. For instance, dressing rooms and other facilities used by skiers must be disinfected to ensure the place is safe. Moreover, the skiing course should also be disinfected. For example, drowns can be used to spray disinfectants on alpine mountains or other skiing sites.

Besides, before skiers are allowed into the skiing area, they must sanitize. Regular washing of hands is one way of killing the virus. The resorts or competition committees should have several washing points where coaches and skiers can access clean water mixed with sanitizers.

The Bottom Line

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a serious impact on sporting events in particular skiing in Canada. Since the virus is rapidly spreading in Canada, the government and skiing associations have put measures to ensure the safety of skiers and fans. Cancelling the sports was the initial measure. Nonetheless, things are changing, and some of the measures expected to be followed for skiing to restart are mentioned above. Given the scale of the Canadian outbreak, everyone involved in skiing will have to strictly adhere to the rules of the games are to resume.